Welcome to the Old Reptonian Lodge

The Old Reptonian Lodge was founded in 1914 and was sponsored by The Lodge of Antiquity No. 2.

Many eminent OR’s and members of staff have been members. It has consistently maintained its prestigious position as a respected London lodge and is one of the thirty four lodges that comprise the Public Schools Lodges’ Council, a forum for the private lodges of many of our great public schools.

The Lodge meets in London twice a year, at Freemasons’ Hall, and holds a dinner afterwards. It also meets once a year at Repton, usually early September, after which the Headmaster is often our principal guest at dinner. This provides a useful and enjoyable opportunity to keep in touch with developments at our old school.

The Lodge manages a trust fund that exists to provide financial assistance, but only at the request of the Headmaster, to pupils at Repton who may be in need.


Old Reptonian tie
It also contributes to other charitable causes through the United Grand Lodge of England, which distributes some £15 million every year.

All Freemasons are expected only to donate that which they can afford without detriment to themselves or their families.